How to Play At a Shanty Street Location at the Cornwall Folk Festival​ in August 2022

We will be reopening applications for acts from Cornwall and the South West to play at slots in ‘Shanty Street’ from January 2022.

About Shanty Street

‘Shanty Street’ is our working name for all music, dance and other entertainment that happens in the street, cafes and bars during the Cornwall folk Festival.
Working with local businesses, we run performances from roughly 11.30am to 4pm outside weather depending, from Saturday to Monday of the bank holiday weekend.

Each slot is about 45 minutes, and most performers an play more than once if they wish.

Precise locations may change, and of course we are weather-dependent.

All kinds of acts have performed for the festival in the past, from soloists up to choirs. Loud rock, etc, probably is not going to work, but we allow a broad definition of ‘folk music’, and even forays into jazz and classical.

Successful artists will receive a food and drink voucher, the publicity that playing the Festival offers, as well as the chance to sell merchandise and to have a great time with like-minded music lovers.

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