Festival Sessions

We have an almost constant line-up of various sessions, singarounds, and general chances to sing and play through the festival weekend, from Friday to Monday.

They will be a mix of ‘floor musicians’ and guests, and expect the occasional special guest who might drop in.

All welcome to listen, sing and play. If you’ve never been to a session before, just come along to see people having fun playing music.

And if you play or sing, whatever your ability, please join in. Music is our most natural language (spoken everywhere on Planet Earth). You will quickly make friends and have a blast!

Please note: The Ship is now called the Bear Bar, and the new management is keen to keep live music going there, so we have a couple of sessions now sorted out.


Festival Folk Club, Churchill Bars 8-11pm
Hosted by Bodmin Folk Club, MC: Malcolm Pinch

Mixed Session, Riverside Social Club 8-11pm
MC: Gideon Barrett

Song Session, Swan Hotel 8-11pm
MC: Martyn Babb


Musician Open Session, Swan Hotel 12-3pm
Hosted by: Bude Musicians

Mixed Session, Churchill Bars 2-5pm
MC: Mike Walford and guests

Open Session, Swan Hotel 3-5pm
MC: Martyn Babb

Festival Folk Club, Churchill Bars 8-11pm
Hosted by Bude Folk Club, MC: Mike Jurkiewicz

Song Session, Bear Bar 8-11pm
MC: Ro Metters and Sylvia Fletcher


Shanty and Songs, Churchill Bars 2-5pm
Hosted by Gideon Barrett, with Special Guests: Barrett’s Privateers

Open Session, Riverside Soc Club 2-5pm
Hosted by: Mike Walford and Brian Phillips

Open Session, Riverside Social Club 8- Late
Hosted by Mike Walford, Brian Phillips and friends

Open Session, Swan Hotel 8-11pm
Hosted by Rob Barratt & Bert Biscoe


Survivors Session, Bear Bar 12-3pm
Hosted by Gideon Barrett

Poem and Storytelling, Churchill Bars 2-4pm
Hosted by two Cornish Bards: Moe Keast with guest Bert Biscoe

Open Session, Swan Hotel Noon onwards
D.I.Y. Session: you’re the host!

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