Improve your musical and dance skills at our workshops, with some of the best musicians and teachers you’ll find anywhere.

All workshops are from 10.30am-noon, Saturday 24-Monday 26th August.

The Goods Shed is in Southern Way, Wadebridge, immediately next to the John Betjeman Centre, and just along from the library and co-op car park.


Song Writing

Keven Taylor, Goods Shed Small Room

All welcome. For anyone who has ever wanted to write a song.



Peter Brand. Goods Shed Large Room

Song Writing

Keven Taylor, Goods Shed Small Room


Eileen and Jim Moore, Town Hall

Learn about background to shanty singing and try out the vocal shouts and gestures distinctive to these songs about the sea.


Music & Theatre Skills

Goods Shed Large Room

Learn to write and perform stories and songs with Mick Ryan, writer and performer of the amazing folk musical ‘Here at the Fair’. For children and adults.

With Mick Ryan and members of the troupe that performed his ‘Here At The Fair’ folk-opera in the Town Hall on Sunday evening.

Cornish Dance

Carmen Hunt, Town Hall

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