Shanty Street

“Shanty Street” is our scratch name for a project to fill Molesworth St and Foundry Court in the middle of Wadebridge with music and dance throughout Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Organised more like a rally than a concert, we pull in talent from Wadebridge, Cornwall, the South West and beyond, from folk clubs and open mic sessions, from random encounters and friendships.

The musical mix will be eclectic — yes, there will be some outright folk, maybe some blues and bluegrass, but also country, jazz, pop and rock. There might even be a shanty or two.

Shanty Street is a musical and dance pathway, not a straightjacket, not a pigeon-hole box. It will probably be chaotic. It will certainly be fun and lively!

The list below is very subject to change, but it gives an idea of the range of performers we have in store for you this year!

New Locations

Artists will perform in Molesworth St near the Swan, and outside the Molesworth Arms, as well as in Foundry Court just around the short path that runs in front of the Bloom Room florists.

We will also run a continuous programme inside Vittorio’s, the new Italian cafe at the top of Molesworth St, and in the Saltbox, the even newer collection of food and drink outlets along Goldsworthy Way, near the firestation, Pop Gallery and the Cornwall Rug Co. 

Busk Stop

Alongside the two locations scheduled below, there will also be two ‘busk stops’ where musicians can sign up to play a 30-minute time slot. If you’d like to play, get there early on the day — it’ll be first come, first served!

These will be at the rotunda outside the co-op, and in Molesworth St outside Victoria Antiques.


August 24, 2019

12:15 pm Loic Rich
12:30 pm Minne Gregory
1:00 pm Taouk Trio
1:00 pm Anne Hughes
1:00 pm Loic Rich
1:00 pm Steve Pickett
1:45 pm John Thorpe
2:00 pm Lizzie Hill
2:30 pm Richards Family
3:00 pm Anne Hughes
3:15 pm John Thorpe
4:00 pm Bob Gallie
6:00 pm Steve Pickett
6:00 pm Steve Dagleish
7:00 pm Bob Gallie

August 25, 2019

11:30 am Taouk Trio
12:30 pm Minne Gregory
1:00 pm The Trees Band
1:00 pm Anne Hughes
1:45 pm More Harmony
2:00 pm Lizzie Hill
2:30 pm Richards Family
3:00 pm Anne Hughes
3:15 pm Rif Evans
3:15 pm The Trees Band
4:00 pm Rif Evans
5:00 pm Steve Dagleish
6:00 pm Meand’er

August 26, 2019

11:30 am Vernon Keen Band
12:15 pm Doug & Eoin
12:30 pm Minne Gregory
1:00 pm Anne Hughes
1:45 pm Mermaid Project
1:45 pm Lost-E-Ukes
2:30 pm Steamrocket
3:00 pm Anne Hughes
3:15 pm Pitch Craft
3:15 pm Mermaid Project
4:00 pm Alan Steel
7:00 pm Meand’er

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